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POGLE feature questions

Donna and Kevin has been discussing the POGLE PLATINUM upgrade, and the
advantages it will offer the colourist.

In an initially internal memo, Martin Greenwood at PANDORA wrote:

Filmcache {TM}

 This is a new way of handling program material from film or tape during colour
correction which  will be available as a feature of the Platinum upgrade of the
Pogle system.

 The Platinum keeps the current scene on a real-time video disk allowing colour
correction and noise reduction to be carried out without the source moving. This
means that the transport ballistics of the Telecine or VTR is not significant.
The Platinum transparently switches between the real source and the FilmCache
(TM) on the main monitor. Locating points, inching, fine correction, colour
mixes and complex effects can be setup without problems of framing and runup.
Savings will also be made to the film and scanner life.

The Platinum update which has been shown at NAB Montreux and IBC is currently
being BETA-tested and refined. This is to ensure that when it is released for
volume shipment at NAB 96 it will offer many significant improvements to the way
colour correction is performed. Allowing faster, more complex and more accurate
work to be performed whilst still keeping a simple, flexible, easy to use and
last be not least fun interface!

Comments suggestions and ideas are most welcome during this last stage of
development. Please send to :-
Martin Greenwood.
XX 44-1474-56 10 00
Fax 1474-56 69 35

or CompuServe: 100334,2344

(a WEB-site is in the making)