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RE: Keykode Verification Films

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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 20:30 EST
From: Bill Kinder <Bill_Kinder+aSENTINEL%American_Zoetrope at mcimail.com>
Subject: RE>Keykode Verification Film
To: Don Ver Ploeg <verploeg at eznet.net>

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  OFFICE MEMO          RE>Keykode Verification Film          Date:10/27/95
We have recently used it. We are transferring printed dailies for Coppola's 
"Jack." It has been very helpful.
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Glad to hear you're finding the Keykode Verification Film useful, Bill.  A few 
others report the same saying it quickly reveals reader offset errors they 
were unaware of.  However, I don't believe the test films are yet being used 
very widely.  Negative cutters continue to tell me they're still seeing many 
inaccuracies in film cut lists generated from EDLs.  Analysis indicates main 
problems occur during film-to-tape transfer.  Reader offsets are determined 
incorrectly and correlation between Keykode numbers and time code is often 
inaccurate.  Problems easily corrected with the Verification Film.

Don Ver Ploeg
consultant to Kodak MP&TV Imaging
verploeg at eznet.net
phone 716/248-8058  fax 716/385-4874

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