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P.S. Rank Filters

Dear Friends,

Having gone to a lot of trouble in the past getting rid of flare, it didn't
immediately dawn on me that somebody might want to put it back in!  Also, the
client said he was after a slight softening of the image, and did not
appreciate the flare that was created.  But to paraphrase Dave, I'm not the
one paying the bill, and it is generally a good idea to give the client what
he/she wants, so I will look into the South London filters as well as the BTS

Normally, I don't permit anybody to attach anything to the Ranks under my
care--end of story!--so I nearly had a fit when they told me what they wanted
to do.  However, the material we used to attach the client's glass filter
inside the hinged mirror door was that blue removable glop Devcon makes.  It
comes in the form of sticks, but I can't remember the trade name at the
moment.  Not elegant, but it held so well that we actually had trouble
getting the filter out when we were done with it, and no traces left on the
machine!  I am passing this along in case anybody else has a need to quickly
test something and needs a good way to do it without making special fixtures
or permanent modifications.

Did not mean to imply that a wet gate makes images look "soft"...ours won't,
unless somebody has dropped it on the floor recently.  Instead, I was
attempting to say that there is a subtle difference caused by the light
passing through the fluid in contact with the film that gives a look to the
image that I consider "rich."  Which brings me to another question: has
anybody had much experience with any of the new so-called "digital wet gates"
that are appearing on the market?  

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video