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Re: P.S. Rank Filters

Have used the MNR11 a lot, coupled, dowstream to an URSA GOLD and DV 
8:8:8 (all options throughout the path).
Run a comparison: client had underexposed 16mm footage (25fps) graded 
and transfered at VTR (London). They used URSA GOLD, POGLE and latest 
Accom DNR. 
NO FUCKING COMPARISON! (sorry for the French!). I was able to really 
get rid of the grain structure and apparent noise around the high 
frequencies (detail). No conflicts with motion. 
Excessive use will break up picture just like the Accom does, but the 
end result is somewhat diferent. Not as plastic.
You don't want to be without it, really! Excellent variety of 
adjustments to prevent any motion conflicts. Its capabilities as a 
wet gate in terms of beeing able to get rid of some of the 
superficial sctraches is really only limited to abrasion marks.
Best of luck, Pedro.