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Re: Rank Filters?

>>a diffusion filter directly above the front mirror ...

This is indeed very popular and usual in Europe, and has been refined from the
original tape/putty application. There are suppliers providing simple filter
trays that fit in place of the shielding below the gate and above the door.
Some of these allow for 2 filters, and most accept standard 4" or 3" camera
filters. One enterprising company supply custom made telecine filers that are
much thinner than the camera euivalents and so do not cut the light down so
much, nor do they increase noise so much.

>> The purpose was to cause a subtle softening of the image for artistic

The effect is more creative than just a softening. The most popular filters I
find are black promists, and double fogs. The result on neg is to blur blacks
over whites, intead of vice versa as achieved in camera. The "style" can vary
from just cleaning up skin details, to creating an airbrushed look. 

It is true there are otherways to achieve similar results in some cases,
sometimes even better results, but tell the client that. When well used however
they do create a "look " which is distinctive and attractive.

In the case of the Ursa, quality can sometimes be improved by Auto aligning
through the filter. Sometimes this just spoils the effect though.

It is also possible to create grads on non power windows systems using similar