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Re: Rank Filters

Right off the top of my head I can think of two potential problems with
putting filters in the light path of a Rank. 
1. As scan tracking does its stuff the diffusion pattern will slooowly move
up and down the picture. Just thinking about it makes me seasick. 
2. If you use diffusion with negative it will have the reverse effect of
what we usually associate with diffusion filters. On a camera, a diffusion
filter will make high luminances spread out, ie. a glow around specular
highlights. But with negative, light passes through the areas of the film
that represent the shadows, making the shadow areas spread out as flare is
introduced. I've tried this with my darkroom enlarger. It results in a
muddy image. 
I don't have an MNR 11 but I do work with an MNR 10 and yes, the negative
contouring works fine for a subtle diffusion effect.