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Rank Filters / VTR London

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(  From: J P Martins <fm77 at dial.pipex.com>
   Subject: Re: P.S. Rank Filters
   Date: Wed, 01 Nov 95 18:15:16 +0100 (GMT)	
 >> Have used the MNR11 a lot, coupled, dowstream to an URSA GOLD and DV
     8:8:8 (all options throughout the path).
    Run a comparison: client had underexposed 16mm footage (25fps) graded
    and transfered at VTR (London). They used URSA GOLD, POGLE and latest
     Accom DNR.
     NO FUCKING COMPARISON! (sorry for the French!). I was able to really )

I was a bit suprised at reading the above for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the VTR group runs 6 telecines but the 2 Golds here at VTR Ltd run with
Pogle / 4:4:4 DCP's and fully optioned Digital Vision Noise Reducers which can
be switched, along with K Scope, to any point in the signal path.

We only use the Accom DNR's on the remaining 4 machines which are all Rank 4:2:2
vintage and, whilst these produce excellent pictures, they are never going to
as clean a signal as a Gold especially on underexposed 16mm neg. In the same way
the Accom is not going to hit the same spec as the DVNR or for that matter the

Secondly, we all know that what a client says or demands in one facility is not
to be the same as to another, therefore without knowing exactly what was being
from the colourist during the session, it strikes me as wrong to demean their
work in
such a loud manner.

Those of us at the pointed end of working with major clients know that it is
easier to match grade or improve the look of someone else's work and that it's
harder to create images from scratch to a demanding clients satisfaction.

Thirdly, I did'nt realize that we were all in to direct slagging off on this
Forum even in
support of favoured bits of kit. If that is the case though we could produce
huge lists
of comments about other companies or grading systems which clients complain
about to us every day, but that seems very unproductive to me.

Last comment on this subject:  If J P Martins looks at the latest Meat Loaf,
Maddona or
George Michael promos, all 'Posted here at VTR Ltd in the last month or so, then
can see that our systems produce excellent results.

Now just a comment on the filter issue, we have modified our machines to accepte
4" camera sets and use them on about 25% of bookings, but we also find that
materials like cling film and vaseline can be very interesting! The other great
tool we use is K Scope, very useful if you can get it in your suite.

Sorry about the length of this but it had to be said.