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Re: biphase

Seems to me that some years back, Sony had an optional parallel-to-RS-422
converter box they sold with the BVH 1000-1100 series 1" VTRs.  Depending on
how much trouble one wants to go to, it ought to be possible to build a
circuit that would make the Ferrit's biphase look like VTR control track to
the box.  Interfacing the rest of the box's logic outputs to the Ferrit's
control circuitry should be relatively straightforward.  Of course you'd have
to track down one of those boxes, which may not be too easy due to the fact
that they weren't terribly popular even when new.  (They didn't do much of
anything unless connected to a Sony editor, and even then some of us had our
doubts!)  But somebody may have scrapped out a bunch of old 1" machines, and
still have a converter unit or two laying around.

You might also be able to accomplish similar results with an old CMX, Grass
Valley, or Calloway parallel I-square, such as the types used with BVH
1100's, or Ampex VPR-2B's.  These are probably not too difficult to find yet
in the dead storage rooms of post houses.  Unfortunately, the output of the
above-mentioned I-squares won't be RS 422 in Sony protocol, but perhaps it
could still be useful if the system you're connecting to can be adapted to
work with it.

Good luck!

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video