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Re: Rank Filters?

>Is anybody really doing this, in Europe or anywhere else on the planet? 

I regularly use a wide variety of filter materials on about 30% of my music
video jobs, and on a fair number of commercials.  With camera lenses and
film gaining in resolving power, and with all the crunchy digital crap (NOT
the color spectrum, but a lousy computer APPROXIMATION of it) we send images
through, my clients often ask for a smoother, more flattering, organic look.

I generally find physical diffusion more agreeable for the work I do,
although I have used DVNR defocus, Rank gate defocus, and K-Scope, and often
combinations of these.  The tradeoff with diffusion material is the
(sometimes drastic) light loss, which can produce noise with less-than-ideal
film elements or a poorly tweaked system.

I, too, look forward to delivery of the South London Filters package, as it
will facilitate mounting/changing filters more easily.  Also looking forward
to delivery of the new BMW Roadster.

No more slagging.  Too many rats in this business already.  As colorists, we
should be above it.

Sam Dlugach
Complete Post, Hollywood