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Re: Rank Filters & Digital F

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:10 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         RE>Rank Filters & Digital Flare       Date:  11/2/95

There is a device on the market called "Optivision" sold by Cubis Corporation
(formerly RHO Partners in Whittier, CA). We saw it here a few months ago. It
will add or subtract as much "flare" as you want to the image Digitally with
4:2:2 in and out.  Does anyone out there have one and if so what can you tell
the group about it?  The "kernel size" of the flare or anti-flare is
adjustable up to 10% of the picture size.  From what little I know of it, this
appears to be an interesting box and may very well do what the glass filters
do only do it electronically and with the correct flare polarity for negative
film.  I had posted a question about this box a few months ago but no one
responded so I guess there are not too many of them around.
Dave Corbitt

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