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VTR / MNR11 / etc

  From Seamus O'Kane
  Reply to Pedro
  Comments on:-
   >>     We are talking about noise suppression capabilities of the MNR11, not
 >>     about VTR, Seamus or the guy who did it.
 >>    But please try to understand that I'm only a little human beeing,
 >>    quite sincere and reasonably inteligent to be able to see visual
 >>    diferences. I'm quite sure you are a lot more capable than myself,
 >>    and perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to ever reach your heels,
 >>    mate!
 >>    Pedro!

---Hi Pedro,
   Thats my point, the MNR11 is, in my opinion also, a better device than the
   which is why we had a tough job evaluating replacements for them last year.
   We spent a lot of time looking at the MNR11 and the DVNR and settled on the
   latter after much discussion between Engineers & Colourists. It was close but
   we felt the DVNR suited us better.

   Incidently, we are about to test the new Advanced Noise Reduction option for
   the DVNR which was released after IBC, and is meant to produce no smears or
   chroma lag no matter how hard it is driven! Pandora have just given us the
   to run this option from Pogle so we will post our impressions of it as soon

  As to your last paragraph, well, firstly, it's nice to know that at least I
have one
  fan out there and secondly, it's also nice to know your human!

  VTR Ltd London-