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VTR / MNR11 / etc

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         VTR / MNR11 / etc                                     95-11-03 1=
  From Seamus O'Kane
  Reply to Pedro
  Comments on:-
   >>     We are talking about noise suppression capabilities of the MNR1=
1, not
 >>     about VTR, Seamus or the guy who did it.
 >>    But please try to understand that I'm only a little human beeing,
 >>    quite sincere and reasonably inteligent to be able to see visual
 >>    diferences. I'm quite sure you are a lot more capable than myself,=

 >>    and perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to ever reach your heel=
 >>    mate!
 >>    Pedro!

->--Hi Pedro,
 >  Thats my point, the MNR11 is, in my opinion also, a better device tha=
n the
   >which is why we had a tough job evaluating replacements for them last=
  > We spent a lot of time looking at the MNR11 and the DVNR and settled =
on the
  > latter after much discussion between Engineers & Colourists. It was c=
lose but
   >we felt the DVNR suited us better.

 >  Incidently, we are about to test the new Advanced Noise Reduction opt=
ion for
  > the DVNR which was released after IBC, and is meant to produce no sme=
ars or
 ....>  chroma lag no matter how hard it is driven! Pandora have just giv=
en us the


Can we stop this silly thread, it is getting a little personal.!

It might be interesting to discuss instead what colourist's feel about th=
e various image enhancers in terms of look, this is such an important par=
t of the job. We can all learn from peoples views.
We use the  DVNR unit's here at Rushes simply because it is the only unit=
 that takes 4x4 seriously. 4:4:4 is fundemental to the way we work here, =
both our telecines and flames and edit suites are 4:4:4 compliant along w=
ith the matrix infastructure.
IF 4:4:4 operation is not essential to the majority of users here , then =
I would love to hear their subjective opinions of the effect of the vario=
us crates.
The MNR11 does not correctly support 4:4:4.
The image enhancers are a vital tool to the colourist's and we use it, al=
ong with others, as a FX device not just as a clean up tool.
best wishes
Paul G