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         Optivision                                            95-11-03 0=

>There is a device on the market called "Optivision" sold by Cubis Corpor=
>(formerly RHO Partners in Whittier, CA). We saw it here a few months ago=
. It
>will add or subtract as much "flare" as you want to the image Digitally =
>4:2:2 in and out.  Does anyone out there have one and if so what can you=
>the group about it?  The "kernel size" of the flare or anti-flare is
>adjustable up to 10% of the picture size.  From what little I know of it=
, this
>appears to be an interesting box and may very well do what the glass fil=
>do only do it electronically and with the correct flare polarity for neg=
>film.  I had posted a question about this box a few months ago but no on=
>responded so I guess there are not too many of them around.
>Dave Corbitt

This is interesting.......but.....
Would this be best done as an optical effect with real filters.
Any digital 601 box would not have the dynamic range compared with an opt=
One of the great things about grading from film is the dynamic range, thi=
s seems the wrong answer.

For historical interest.......I designed a filter draw for the Ursa  4 ye=
ars ago. South London filters purchased the design of the Mk 1 version fr=
om me and have changed it into their own particular version. I offered it=
 free to Rank Cintel but they could not see a need for it!!!
I have re engineered the design since and it is fitted to many Ursa's aro=
und the world , the latest installed at Rushes is a 2 pack Filter FX kit.=

Filters have been used heavily for many years here in London and it is in=
teresting to hear the new surge of interest.
Kevin Shaw worked with me testing the design and he deserves credit also.=
 Kevin pioneered the use of the unit on high end spot's .
There are many copies around.