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Re: Another TLC Suggestion

Mr. Most's suggestion of being able to select an A or B frame sequence when
performing a gang sync point is a good one------presently, at my shop, we
prep a lot of material for Avid loads, and we simply choose a sync point that
creates an A frame where we want one.  To create an A frame at 1:00:00:00 TC
and 100 feet , 0 frames on telecine we simply gang mark sync at 59:59:28.1 TC
and 99 feet, 39 frames (16mm).   At first, this seemed overly cumbersome--but
now it is second nature for everyone.  Besides, it has the added benefit of
forcing operators who are new to TLC into really learning what gang mark sync
is all about.    I've thought about changing the "digi" setting to cause the
system to do A frames when gang mark syncing at 1:00:00:00, but I haven't had
time to explore this, and am more inclined to leave well enough alone.