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TLC Suggestion

Mike Most and Jim Erickson's suggestion about configuring the TLC sync 
point to a "2" instead of a "3" is a great idea and also long on my 
list even back in the Time Logic days.  I have been discussing this 
with my programmer for quit some time.  We don't as yet know just how 
many places in the code need to be changed.  It would be configurable 
for the user so as to not upset current setups.  I am willing to bet 
almost all TLC customers would like this, so it is not an issue of 
"just how many people want this anyway?".  When we planned this thing 
in the first place (1983/94) people wern't doing A frame transfers and 
I'm sure we figured "it's called 3:2 so the first edit will be a 3".  
Now it's really called 2:3 which makes more sense.  No promises, but we 
are looking into just how much is to be done.  Thanks.  Gary Adams