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Re: Who made that nice fullcoat reproducer?

>Several (many) years ago I saw a very nice mag fullcoat reproducer that was
>european (Swiss?), it was quite small (I think it took up about 1/4 of a
>rack), and I remember it being beautifully made with an extremely gentle
>transport.. sorta "nagra-ish".... but it was NOT nagra.  I remember that it
>was quite expensive.  I have not seen it since.  Does anyone know who made
>this product, if they are still in business, and if so a phone number or
>address would be great.
>Jim Lindner
>The Magnetic Media Restoration Company
>vidipax at panix.com

If you are looking for a PerfectTone you might try Complete Post.
Speak to Bob Blanks. (V.P. Engineering) 213 467 1244.

They have one they might sell.