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New Film Cleaning Solvent

                      Subject:                              Time:  12:26 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         New Film Cleaning Solvent             Date:  11/7/95

We have just been informed by Brett Sawyer of Lipsner-Smith that there may be
a viable and affordable alternative to Methyl-Chloroform called AK225 from a
Japanese manufacturer called AsahiKlin.  We have contacted the NY area rep to
schedule a meeting later this week to discuss all the implications of this new
chemistry.  Apparently Kodak have done preliminary tests.  Below is a copy of
the info sheet sent to me from Lipsner-Smith printed with their permission;



AsahiKlin AK225 is an environmentally sensible hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)
designed to replace chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and chlorocarbons in
motion-picture film cleaning.

1.   Motion Picture Film Laboratories
2.   Film Archives
3.   Post-Production
4.   Film Exchanges

1.   Kodak has test cleaned film in a Lipsner-Smith CF3000 Mark VI cleaner,
running up to 10 passes of various Eastman Kodak Negative, "satisfactory, in
that no film or film system damage was noted"..."no changes in the emulsion
and support in dimensional and dye stability were found".
2.   Customer Testing:   In progress at two industry leaders using
Lipsner-Smith Film Cleaners.  Both customers are expecting to convert once
final qualification testing is complete.

1.   No detrimental effect on film information area.
2.   No visible changes in silver images on black and white or color film
3.   Non-flammable.
4.   Ideal solvent strength.
4.   Moderate evaporation rate.

Call or write to AGA Chemicals, Inc. for more information on ordering:

AGA Chemicals, Inc.
450 Lexington Avenue
Suite 1920
New York, NY 10017-3911
Phone: 212-687-4600
FAX: 212-687-4663


Could some one from Kodak confirm the above to be true?  If this new chemistry
is indeed as good as it sounds then some one should be announcing it on the
mountaintops with a great big flashing neon sign.  What's the down side? Does
this stuff cause people to grow three heads or suddenly have a craving to
start smoking cigarettes again?  What kind of environmetal precautions do we
need to take if we start to use this stuff?  Can the exhaust be vented to the
atmosphere?  Can we still use the old CF-200 machines with this stuff?  What
will it cost?
Dave Corbitt
Manhattan Transfer, NYC