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Re: Another TLC Suggestion

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One more thing (like I haven't given you enough already...). The ability to
select either a 3:2 or a 2:3 (i.e., B frame or A frame) sequence when
performing a gang sync is long overdue. Making this selectable allows you to
be field accurate to Avid and Lightworks 24 frame outputs, a very useful
thing indeed. Let me know what you think.

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I agree whole heartedly.  We go through incredible gyrations to give A-Frame
transfers to clients.
The TLC A/B frame mode is good if you do one edit at the head of the roll and
run to the end, but is pretty useless when doing 3:2 accurate edits within a

Why would they choose the Sync frame to be a B frame in the first place?

Chris Ryan
Manhattan Transfer