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advice sought

ITS-NET wants to 'join' our mailing list.  ITS-NET is comprised of
about 90 companies with 300 users, of whom about 100-150 are
'operations' people, who potentially would be involved in this group. 

There are a number of factors to consider:

1) This list's size would increase by about 30% in one fell swoop,
changing its character considerably.

2) The routing would be done via a gateway in both directions
ITS<-->this group; in this way I would no longer have the ability to
'register' participants-- it would look like one 'big subscriber'
generating (potentially) 100 times the volume of a 'regular' subscriber.
There might be a way to manage a new directory of subscribers that
would include those who are participating via ITS-NET, but it could
engender more work than I'm willing to take on.

3) ITS-NET is not free, and in fact may be a for-profit enterprise.
They'll be using to some advantage the hard work I've done on this
group over the past two years.  Do I want to volunteer that and future
work for them?

I'm quite interested in opinions from you, the subscribers and
participants, on this.  Please either email me directly or post your
opinions to the list.


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