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ITS poll results

Sure has been quiet around here lately.  Actually, it's nice to have
these lull periods, reminds me of how this mailinglist was way back
when-- but it can give a false impression to those who have just
subscribed, that there's nothing going on.  Those who think this are
in for a surprise... we've had flurries of 10-12 messages/day.

I now know what it feels like to be a pollster, thanks to everyone who
send me opinions on the 'advice sought' subject, of whether or not to
'connect' ITS-Net with our group.  Out of about 20 opinions, perhaps 18
were solidly opposed, with 2 saying there might be some benefit (with
reservations and restrictions).

The most compelling argument, mentioned by a few respondents, is that
there is nothing stopping any ITS member from subscribing to this
group in the normal fashion, they are free to do just what every other
subscriber has done.  Another factor is the immediate impact of their
numbers on the administration and practical functioning of this
group-- several of you mentioned that you don't want a higher-volume
mailinglist.  I agree, that it would be better to grow slowly, so this
growth can be more easily managed.  Quite frankly, I think this group
is running now at maybe half its potential capacity, and that we'll
eventually either have to make it moderated, go to a digest-only mode,
take all of it into the Web, or split it up in some way.  But that's
for the future.  The current rate of growth is about one new
subscriber per day.

The ITS-Net administrator mentioned that he could make our group a
'read-only' forum within ITS-Net, so that they wouldn't be able to
post, but as at least one of our subsribers mentioned, even that could
have a negative impact, knowing there is a large lurking lot looming
out there somewhere.


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