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Ursa Gold Shading Problem


This is the first time I have posted to this system so forgive me If I screw up.

We have an Ursa Gold, and the shading does not map to the tube face
corectly. I have adjusted the shading timing (switchs on all three shading
boards) to try and get it to register (It's a Hor Position Problem) but the
shading corection overlay (forgive the terms, its late) is wider that the
tube. I have autoalinged with film in the gate and I can adjust the timing
so that the left of the image output is lined up but the right side is out.
It is causing an vertical line on the tube where the diffrence in burn
bettween 16mm and 35mm scan patches causes a diffrence in light level
across the tube. The autoalignment is corecting for this diffrence but the
because of the mapping error the edge stands out.

I thought someone might have seen this before and could help out.


Grant Petty

Grant Petty


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