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mailinglist on the web: the future

Though our mailinglist is quite useful and powerful, it is actually
inefficient in terms of network bandwidth and information dispersal.
When one message is posted, as many copies are generated as there are
separate, subscribed internet hosts in the distribution file.  It
works out to about 1:200 for our base of roughly 300 subscribers
(many subscribers share the same host, e.g. compuserve, aol, etc.).
If you sit here at the console and happen to see a message come in,
and are monitoring the network processes, the activity is not unlike
LAX on Thanksgiving morning. 

Hopefully, in the future, everyone will have World Wide Web access,
and the formula will invert, such that messages will be posted on the
webserver, and everyone who wants to read that thread or others, with
messages sorted in whichever way they please, will connect to the
webserver of their own volition --saving a lot of bandwidth and
mailbox space.

I don't know when that day will come, and perhaps there will always be
some form of the traditional internet mailinglist, but if you'd like
to see the possibilities, I've built and tested a web-based discussion
center that is available on the telecine homepage (under 'the future:
NetForum').  The direct URL is

Two other points about the webpage(s): 1) the archive section is updated
with real mailinglist traffic every three days, and offers many
different ways to search all of this mailinglist's traffic from its
inception in June of 1994.. try browsing through some of those
early messages and note their alacrity, or search for your favorite
topic and see if we beat it to... covered it exhaustively.

2) the Classified section of the webpage: if you have any equipment or
personnel ads you'd like to place on the web, please contact me, this
is quite an opportunity to reach a focused audience.


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