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How about this one chaps?

Had an intersting session on Friday evening.
Everything was going just tickety-boo until.........  I found some shots of a
girl wearing Blue jeans, but shot against a white syke.  In the first shot the
girls was about 20% of the shot and the exposure was awful on the jeans,
couldn't get anything reasonable at all.........  Couldn't be me, couldn't be
the Rank, couldn't be the film........  Must be the cameraman!  Before I say
anything I thought I'd better check a flash frame.  Still the same problem.....
Must be the Stock?????

The stock was 95
The camera had a stocking on the front
The white syke was overexposed by 3 stps
When the subject got bigger the exposure got better on the Jeans

So was this massive flare in the lens started of by the stoking?
Does this stock have a tendency to do funny things, just when things are going
so well?

I wanted the client to print....  Maybe they will, maybe they won't, due to time
and budget constraints.

Any ideas o worldly bretheren????
Or should I just go back to flying?