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Re: core:key fit causing occasional problems

>which leads me
>to believe it might have something to do with core:backplate key fit.
>Has anyone also had this problem, and if so, found an appropriate fix?
>I've taken to building up the key with sticky tape, maybe epoxy would
>serve better....
I've seen the tape build up fix used by a number of colorists.  There
appears to be some variance in which cores are more loose.  I saw
a batch of yellow ones that were really bad (on older style backplates),
while some other white ones were usually tight.  This made it necessary to
change the thickness of the tape (near the key) depending upon which core
was in use. The newer Turbo II backplates are somewhat better.  I do not
remember seeing this problem with Ursa Gold hold downs and backplates (maybe
because the hold downs are tapered?). Unfortunately, Ursa Gold holdowns are
too deep to retrofit to Ursas and Mark IIIs (according to Rank). It seems if
someone could make a tapered
hold down that would grab the inside of the core and key and also hold the
core down, this might work. A future Options product?  ;-)