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key fit causing occasional problems

>Rob Lingelbach wrote;
>I sometimes load reels of film on one of our Ranks that seem to have
>more play in their cores than others, causing the Rank to 'lurch' a
>bit when play is engaged.  This same Rank has had a mysterious history
>of breaking film, always in the following scenario: reel is fully rewound
>from takeup to supply side, play is pressed, some sort of wild
>oscillation occurs, and the film snaps.  Of course we haven't been
>able to duplicate this under 'controlled' conditions... which leads me
>to believe it might have something to do with core:backplate key fit.
>Has anyone also had this problem, and if so, found an appropriate fix?
>I've taken to building up the key with sticky tape, maybe epoxy would
>serve better....

Yes, I have had this problem on an Ursa in Singapore. We found that the
backplate was slipping on the hub and the "wild oscillation" would occur.
We took of the backplate and glued some cloth backed sandpaper to the rear
of the back plate and this fixed the problem. The grip was a lot better
after that. I think the rubber had become smooth.

Also I have seen the same problem occur when the brake was a little to
tight and was rubbing. Does your hubbs spin freely when you give them a
spin with your hand with the brake relased?

Hope this helps.


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