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Rob Lingelbach writes:
> On Nov 17,  9:41, Bob Festa wrote:
> } Subject: X DUI
> > activate the open windows move function and then the window may be dragged
> > and dropped. All other non daVinci windows on the desktop move in a more
> > traditional X rule environment. My question is why are the rules different
> > in DUI windows, and can this functionality be changed to XR5? Rob, you are
> > the resident X wizard, any ideas? Anyone else find this annoying?
> I don't know that it's X that provides the rules for this Bob, I
> thought it was the GUI library, like Motif or OpenWindows, for
> example, and I believe Irix 5.? uses Motif, right Andy?  X is a
> protocol/data transport definition more than an interface, though it
> does have barebones windowing builtin.  Now why daVinci doesn't want
> to be Motif-(or other GUI)compliant, I don't know, unless it's too
> much overhead.

The X windows systems takes a layered approach:
Unix ----> X Windows Library ----> Other X Higher level libaries ----> Motif

Each layer builds on the capabilities of the lower levels.  Motif describes 
a particular "look and feel" for X windows.  Programs call particular Motif
functions which then call down through the chain, eventually calling into the
X functions and then Unix kernel functions.

The particular functionality of the DUI program comes from using the look and
feel of Motif.  Motif does have a large set of parameters which defines its
own look and feel.  I belive that the part you are talking about has to do with
the behavior of a window's own task bar.  We had decided to make the center
portion of each bar a context sensitive help area.  That is why you can't
grab it as you describe.  I will check with the software guys to see if there
isn't something that can be done to compromise on this situation.


Andy Sackheim