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1) ITS again 2) archive mgmnt

--More ITS-Net--

The ITS-Net administrator is asking if I/we would be interested in
making this mailinglist available 'read-only' on their network, with
the invitation to their net members to subscribe through proper
channels if they wish to post messages.

I'd like to ask everyone what they think of this 'gatewayed
readership' proposal.  At first thought, it seems innocuous.  At
second thought, I'm not so sure, that perhaps communication will be
less than completely open if we don't know who is reading our
traffic.  However, there is nothing preventing anyone from subscribing
to this group in an anonymous manner-- the directory is voluntary-- so
this 'lurking' contingent actually already exists (there are, at the
moment, 37 people for whom the only information I have is a name, and
12 for whom I only have an email address).

I apologize for bringing this up again, I hope to lay it to rest very

--Archive Management--

Our message archives are a great resource for anyone to peruse via the
webpage.  The size of the indices are a concern, however, with the
relatively slow net connections of today (28.8k considered slow! I
recall that Atari 400 computer I had with the 300-baud acoustic
modem...).  The keyword-search index is about 81k right now, and the
big archive index (the second choice on the engineering page) is up to
159k.  On a 14.4k connection, assuming no other load on the server
(yeah, right ;-)) that 159k will take 3 minutes or so to load.  Not
great, and usually there's a load.

I'm thinking of splitting up the archives based on year, so 1994 would
be one archive, 1995 would be another, 1996, etc.  Not ideal, in that
some of the power of cross-referencing is lost, but maybe the
performance increase is worth it.  I'm going to look into on-the-fly
compression/decompression of html docs, it would help.

regards and happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it

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