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Joe, thanks for the reply.I've found it a lot with 16mm b&w, but also 16&35mm
color. We don't clean as much film as we used to so I'll have to say my bath
isn't contaminated.I,m still using 1-1-1 triclor. For some reason I've
noticed it more on the Ursa Gold. Don't know why, I know the film path is
correct. The only major difference between the Gold and the MKIII is the
sprocket on the 35mm gate. It seems the "powder" comes from the sprocket
holes because it"s on both sides of the skid plate, and leaves a trail on the
ptr rollers. I can't believe that Kodak is that sloppy in cutting film stock.
If it was some stock from some 6th world nation then you could say one of the
famous engineering terms "It will do that".