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Re: core:key fit causing occasional problems

>The second cause of this problem is rewinding the film too fast on the Rank.
>It causes a loose pack, 
>A word of caution, remember the Rank's local controls will permit full tilt
>regardless of the DaVinci setting.
>Tom Nottingham
>Complete Post Telecine

The local shuttle speed can be limited in local and remote by lowering the
value of R24 on the 101037 board. Values in the 
range of 130K to 180K have helped in the past on some machines.  This change
can require that the the TLC shuttle speed, 
and +/- 10% TSO be tweaked as well to acheive optimum results.  These TLC
adjustments do not exist on all TLC interfaces. 
After this change, the daVinci typically can run at about 70% shuttle limit.
If you have Metaspeed, it is even easier, becasue 
the maximum shuttle speed can be specified during setup. 

Craig Nichols