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625 pitfalls

I have a client who wishes to transfer a release print in 625 as well as 525.
This would be our first 625 project, and I had the following questions. 

1. If a color correction list is generated in 525, on the DaVinci, can we 
just open the list again in 625, or is there a complicated process to get 
the list in both formats?

2. Do you find that the color corrections track reasonably well between the 
two systems, I realise that this depends also on how well the DaVinci is 

3.  Audio, I suspect that this will be the real pitfall.  If we have a 
soundtrack on NTSC timecode DAT, how the hell do you get it to lock up for 
layback to a 625 film transfer, at either 24 or 25 fps??

Any tips recommendations or warnings will be much appreciated.


Andy Toms

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