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Re: 625 pitfalls

Andy; you didn't say if you have a classic or a 8:8:8. In any case, procede
as follows, 
make your corrections in ntsc at 24fps.The audio, most likely was mixed to
pix. at 24fps. If it was mixed to mag, and the mag was resolved to 24 fps, or
60hz the dat should have 30fps time code on it. The sony 7030 or 7050 will
chase time code generated from biphse from your evertz, or you can set it up
to resolve -.1% (to match the film 23.98) controlled by tlc etc. This will
get you through the ntsc pass. The audio is the problem in the pal pass if
you transfer at 25. if you transfer at 24  wich isn't done often because fo
the strobing on pans, you will have no problem. Change the rank over to pal
call back your session, if you have a pre-scan classic you don't have to tell
it that you are in pal, but you must select 24.00 jog sas to get into the
varispeed bus.Change the dat to pal, for 7030-7050 select REF TC 25 EBU, set
a sync point on the tlc and roll the film. If you have a 8-8-8 select pal for
video standard in the set up menu. Transfering in pal at 25fps isn't a
problem for the film, but the audio has to be sped up by 4% locked to video
or time code . this is not a problem if it's on 1/4"with 30fps tc. and have a
nagra "T",  drive it with biphase, and it will be sped up 4% the pitch can be
corrected  with a Lexicon if desired. But you have a dat. (not as versital as
1/4") you might make a test,make a clone of the dat but lay down 24fps time
code on the clone. With a 7030-7050 you can set up to chase tc. Generate 25
fps tc. from your pal evertz (4015) or 4025, aaton and the dat should speed
up 4%.If not see if the client can supply you with a new element. If the dat
came from mag, have them resolve the mag at 25fps.
Dave Best (Post Perfect N.Y.)