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Re: Festival and tube grain

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On 12/1/95 "Steve" <CRTSteve at aol.com> wrote--->
>   Last week one question was put to me that I could not
>   answer and that was if you adjust the video delay on the festival board it
>   will remove or flatten out the grain.
>   I believe that all they are doing is hiding the problem by softening the
>   look of the tube.
>       Your thoughts please,
>        Steve. 

Dear "Steve",
The delay line you refer to doesn't change the RGB video signals. It changes
the delay of the Burn correction signal only so that any textural information
contained in the Burn signal (CRT Phosphor grain or blemishes)  will be timed
to exactly cancel out the samne information contained in the RGB signals. 
This greatly improves the RGB video signals by removing the texture artifacts
of the phosphor screen itself.  However, this does not really work properly
unless you also add Afterglow Correction to the burn signal path just as we
always have for the RGB signals.  For a while my Blemish Leveler system did
just this.  That product is currently not available due to lack of time to
continue manufacturing it.  I believe Dave Walker is currently selling a
product that incorporates afterglow correction in the burn correction path.

Dave Corbitt