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          Dave  -  Rick  Utley  (FPC),  Tom  Tisch  (Lipsner-Smith),  David
          Harrington (Eastman-Kodak) and  I recently hosted a work group at
          the   AMIA  (Association  of  Moving  Image  Archivists)  Toronto
          conference  which  dealt  with  alternative  solvents  for   film
          cleaning.  The  AK225  solvent  was  one   of   the  alternatives
          recommended for use, provided you can afford it. The overwhelming
          choice as a replacemnt for methyl chloroform is perchloroethylene
          (the  same  stuff  used   in  wet-gate  or  immersion  printing),
          especially if  you consider its cost.  I  pay about $0.78/lb (vs.
          around $15/lb for AK225) in  the Dayton area, where  our  Lab  is
          located. The other down-side of all  of  the replacement solvents
          is  the fact that they CANNOT be used with Lipsner cleaners other
          than those with recycling built  in (CF3000 or higher). At  their
          cost, you wouldn't want to  do  it any other way. I'm afraid your
          looking at replacing the  CF-200  when  you  run  out  of  Methyl
          Chloroform, but the solvent savings will help to offset the cost.
          Tom Tisch  can provide more guidance in  this  area  and  can  be
          reached at 800-323-7520.

          Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

          Ken Weissman
          Supervisor, Motion Picture Preservation Lab
          The Library of Congress Motion Picture Conservation Center
          (513)258-7220  :  FAX  -  (513)252-3019  :  Kweissma at mail.loc.gov

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