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Ultimatte 8: First impressions

I got one!  It seems as Bob tells it....  I hit the reset button, just a little
tweak on the black gloss and go to sleep.  Did get into trouble last weekend:  A
production Company trying to save money was using up old camera rolls.  DP who I
know is excellent, overexposed by two stops and it actually went onto the TK
looking about 5 stops under.  The 8 didn't deal with it needless to say!  I
would have a had a better chance with Russell Square.  But generally speaking
the 8 is excellent and easy to use.

I am also using the MNR 11 digital Wet gate unit.  My experience as follows:
Obviously it is a hybrid 4:4:4 which is a bit of a shame.  The operation is
fairly simple thru my DUI....  I think I would almost prefer a completely
seperate list operation for the unit as sometimes I really have to use it hard
on a scene by scene basis... Thursday, I had a 12 minute program with 430 scene
changes! everything needed balancing.  I find that I can reduce problems but not
get rid of dirt and scratches completely.  The type of material I am talking
about is extremely bad and I really wonder if anything would work except for
frame by frame painting.  Because again the nature of the work I am doing I
usually turn everything up as far as possible and then turn it down if I see any
artifacts, which usually appear as black streak marks.  I must say I do find
that the unit doesn't really destroy any resolution unless you go crazy with the
Median Filters, so all in all I am quite pleased with it.  I have not used the
new DVNR to compare.

New Art Digital.