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other side of the camera

I had the rare opportunity last week to get a different perspective on
film production: I participated in a Kodak in-house production that
will result in a film about 'building 38', the place where Kodak
manufactures motion-picture film.  I was interviewed on camera for
about 30 minutes-- 1000 feet of 35 color sync & 400 feet of 16 B&W
were shot of me, on a stage here in Hollywood.

Whereas my first few years in this business were in production in New
York City, most of it was video.  This was my first modern film
production...A makeup artist did what she could to improve my
appearance, George Gush from Kodak was there to make sure it all went
OK; the crew numbered perhaps 8.

I was asked pointed questions about the consistency of Kodak film and
the way that affects my telecine sessions.  

I have a new respect for people who are in front of a camera for a
living... the Director/DP, Richard Young, operated the Arri 535 --what
a camera!-- while asking me questions, and George sat on a chair to
the right of the lens so that I could direct my answers in his
direction.  This was difficult at first: accepting questions from one
direction and replying to someone else who just sat there looking at
me (nodding from time to time).  By the time I got used to it the
shoot was over...

It was difficult for me to concentrate on the questions because the
experience was so new and interesting, I had a thousand questions
about the gear & the process.  Here was the smart slate thrust in
front of my face that I'd seen the other side of thousands of times...
the camera looked much more electronic than the other Arri's I've
seen... there was no noise from the camera!  (first time I'd been
around a camera built for sync)..  the lighting was quite soft and
only from one side... afterwards, Richard invited me to look through
the viewfinder, and it was riveting-- very natural color and a
beautiful image on the ground glass, as opposed to my feeling in the
chair of a cool light on me.

I'll try to attend more shoots!  Though someone else can have their
mug on camera ;-).


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