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Sony's Interest in the Telecine Market

     Dear Mr. Lingelbach,
     Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Stephen DiFranco and 
     I am the Director of Post Production Marketing at Sony Electronics 
     Recently Mr. S. Kusaka (General Manger of our Post Production Group in 
     Atsugi, Japan) requested information on the United States Telecine 
     market.  He is specifically interested in learning if there is demand 
     for a new digital component switcher for telecine rooms.
     The product that we are considering manufacturing for world wide sales 
     is a 1.5 M/E component digital product.  First and second level color 
     correctors would also be included.  If produced it would have about 4 
     inputs and 4:4:4 processing.  
     We recently completed a research project and called many companies 
     providing telecine services.  Our research provided excellent 
     quantitative data on the number of facilities, the equipment that they 
     own and the principal application (MOVs, Features to Tape, Super 16 vs 
     35mm ect.)  But, these reports can not provide a clear indication of 
     the passion in the industry of a new digital switcher.
     It was mentioned that you "manage" a WEB page for the telecine 
     business.  If you deem it appropriate please feel free to invite your 
     associates to send their thoughts on the subject to me at 
     (difrancs at ccmail.nhq.sony.com).  You are most welcomed to state that 
     we are considering developing a product for the telecine market but, 
     we first wish to have some subjective data to apply to the 
     quantitative research that we have already published and forward to 
     our associates in Atsugi.
     Your help is greatly appreciated.  My phone number at Sony is 
     Best regards,

--- End of forwarded message from "Steve DiFranco" <difrancs at ccmail.nhq.sony.com>

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