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Netscape 2.0b3 with Java

A little off the subject of telecine, but applicable to our telecine
webpages of the future, I just picked up Netscape 2.0 beta3.  It
includes Java support, which I referred to a few months ago in a
message here.

If you haven't seen Java applets running in your web browser yet, this
is your chance.  I'll try not to hyperbolize too rhapsodically, but
Java brings the Internet to life-- it's about dynamic execution of
program content within your web browser, loaded at runtime from ?any
machine on the net.  It's available now for Unix, Windows, and Mac, at
the Netscape homepage...

I'll be entertaining my own imagination of Java applets I can write
for the telecine webpages... Sun and Netscape have announced support
for a Java scripting language that will be released very shortly.
Java itself is a lot like C++, so the scripting ability will improve
the picture considerably for people like me who have only a passing
knowledge of C++.

Sun's and Netscape's are interested in usurping a coming onslaught by
Microsoft to force everyone to use their 'OCX' capabilities in their
browser language, which will be out sometime in '96.

sorry for this commercial diversion ;-)

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