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Those Aliens Again

Well, sorry to bring up this subject again, but I finally caught a re-run
on TLC of the original British Channel 4 show "The Roswell Incident". I had
read comments from the group on the alleged film footage, so looked forward
to viewing the material at least 2nd-hand. Having now seen it, I am highly
suspicious of the footage for a number of reasons:

1. The style of cinematography is very reminiscent of music video
"wavy-cam", which has subsequently become part of the commercial director's
stock-in-trade. This is exactly what we would expect from the Brit. music
video producer who claims to had possesion of the original film.

2. We saw no evidence of any film artifacts whatsoever. No grain structure,
no appreciable scratches, no underlying weave or film movement due to
shrinkage or buckling etc. The originators of the material have pushed
video contrast to blow out the whites and increase video noise, in an
attempt to conceal the absence of these artifacts, also shot with the wavy
technique to avoid the lack of weave becoming a problem.

3. There has been no attempt during any film transfer to attempt to bring
out any midrange detail, or any image analysis, in fact quite the reverse,
the pushed contrast provides just the right amount of obfuscation. Any one
of the colorists who subscribe to this group would have tried their utmost
to pull out the maximum detail from a film original.

4. The producer who claims to have the original film has not turned over
the material, according to the Channel 4 docu. so we should treat any
claims about the authenticity with a grain of salt. If you really wanted to
authenticate the film, you would involve the BKSTS or SMPTE or some of the
respected cinematography fraternity. This does not appear to have happened.

5. This is the clincher- nobody in this group seems to have any knowledge
of who might have done the film transfer. If we had done the xfer at
Editel, we would have been all over the 'net with info, questions, answers
and general static. The same I suspect for any of you guys out there. The
logical explanation is that *there never was a film transfer*, until proven
Even the keepers of the Turin Shroud allowed the equivalent of a few frames
out for analysis!

Conclusion: alien autopsy film: baloney! Interviews with

Oh yeah... and how about the "alien" lettering on the pieces of "metal" in
the "film". The letters spell the word "video". Even the hoaxers can't
resist giving the game away. Time to come clean guys.

C'mon make my day...prove me wrong.

Compliments of the season to all!

Mike O.