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Re: Those Aliens Again

Rich Torpey sez:  "I say the show on Fox a while ago. I'm surprised no one
pointed out
the most glaring error - no pull down! When you jog through frame by frame
you can see that they either shot 30fps (unlikely!) or it never was film."

Naaaa, I think this was transferred from 16mm to tape in PAL at 25 fps, and
then standards-converted for the final NTSC show.  That's why there's no 3/2.

Elsewhere, Mike Orton commented that if the film had been transferred at a
reputable facility, then the operators and editors would eventually blab and
we'd know the truth.  I think what may have happened is that the producers went
to a small, out-of-the-way facility and either paid everybody off or brought in
a D/P who had enough skills to do a rudimentary B&W film transfer, and just
kept everybody out of the bay while it was going on.  I know of facilities that
will let people actually rent the rooms (without an operator), so it's possible
something like this could have happened.  

I do completely agree with all of Mike's other opinions, about the style of
shooting, the "blown-out" whites, relative lack of grain, and so on. 
Definitely a fake, but much better-done than I was expecting.

--Marc Wielage
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