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Re: Trouble with.......

>We recently installed a new Ursa Gold and had similar drift problems until we
>replaced the PEC's supplied with the machine. Problem solved. 
>David Bernstein
>The Post Group
The one disclaimer that Hammatsu has made in the past when you buy PMTs
direct from them is that they will not give any warranty for their PMTs
working properly in a telecine.  I wonder if Rank really has any testing
procedure for them to weed out the bad ones.  Evidently not a good enough
one?  Now when I order PMTs, I try to "pad" a few extra into the order
because I've been burned by "duds" in the past. Try to explain that to
someone in managament with an accountant mentality! (i.e. "They cost HOW
MUCH, and they won't take them BACK?") ;-)

Merry Holidays,