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Re: Query re Primitive Telecine

ted at IslandNet.com (Ted MacGillivray) wrote:
>>I've slung together a primitive setup (five-blade projector + video camera)
>to do
>>quick 'n' dirty reference tapes of my films. ... But I'm
>getting two (2) light green stationary horizontal bars across the picture:
>you can change the position
>>of the bars by changing the phase of the shutter in relation to the line

It is interesting that the bars are stationary. Does that mean that you
arranged to lock the shutter speed to the camera video rate? Also, you
could educate me- does a 5 blade shutter relate to a double flash per film
frame or does it provide a 2.5 rate specific to 24 to 30fps conversion. I
worked with film projectors in telecine film chains in my early days in
television but the details are getting hazy.

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood