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Re: RE> Trouble with....A view on the Gold.............

Dear Seamus,

Do you or your staff have a feeling that the stability problems with the Gold
could be due to thermal control (i.e. that the temperature of the
machine--particularly the cell box--be kept constant)?  Or would the other
factors involved, such as drifty circuitry, PEC's, etc., cause problems even
if the temperature of the machine was kept ideal?

The reason I ask is because we are the proud owners of a brand-new bouncing
baby Gold (delivery expected in March '96), and I am responsible for
designing a new suite around it.  If the Gold is very sensitive to
temperature, it seems that we could save ourselves a lot of downstream grief
if we plan on installing a precision air conditioning system now rather than
after the whole room is built.

Hoping you and everybody else in the Group has happy holidays,

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video
New York