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RE>Re: RE> Trouble with....A view on the Gold.............

At Rushes I designed the machine room housing the telecines and outboard =
equipment as a self contained positive pressured enviroment.
The Golds have a much improved venting system to earlier rank telecines w=
hich also helps.
Air is filtered and forced under computer flooring then ducted (diffused)=
 under the equipment. Cold directional blasts of air are not good.
The mix of external to recycled air is adjustable and the positive pressu=
re level also.
One thing I need to get round to is to ionise the system against static e=
tc, this would be a useful luxury.
Our Golds are never turned off and the whole system is very stable.
Breakages and downtime are rare.
If you are starting from scratch, my advice is to do it properly and reap=
 the rewards, it is cost effective.=20

Date: 12/12/95 5:33 pm
To: Paul Grace
From: Craig Nichols
At 09:40 AM 12/12/95 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Seamus,
> it seems that we could save ourselves a lot of downstream grief
>if we plan on installing a precision air conditioning system now rather =
>after the whole room is built.
>Christopher Bacon
>DuArt Film & Video
>New York
I think that careful planning of air conditioning with Golds (or any Rank=

for that matter) is imperative.  Ideally, if the air can be ducted throug=
h a
computer floor so that it can rise into the machine, it can then operate
with the doors on, maintain a constant temperature, and still not get too=

hot. Though I have not had the luxury of trying this, but it would seem t=
perhaps the ideal place to put a thermostat for such an installation, mig=
be inside the machine itself.  Of course, this is probably impractical, a=
probably terribly expensive.

Craig Nichols

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