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Re ...Gold / Air Con / Du Art

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         >>   Dear Seamus,

         >>    Do you or your staff have a feeling that the stability problems
with the Gold
         >>    could be due to thermal control (

Dear Christopher

The airconditioning for the telecine rooms here is very much as Paul Grace
outlines for Rushes.
The machines are seperate from the client areas, accessed via electric glass
doors and are in a 
positive air pressure environment. Cool air is supplied from under the computer
floor and there is also a wall mounted unit seperate to the main plant to enable
each machine to stay constant.  The
Golds are designed to run with all the doors, front and back, in place and they
are also designed to run at higher temperatures than previous Ranks. Provided
the air supply is maintained they are very
efficient at running at stable temperatures. 

Although we have had stability problems none of them seem to be related to
environmental factors
and therefore the effort put into setting up the machine areas has paid off.

Seamus O'Kane 
VTR Ltd London.