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Re: Ross Microswitcher

Dear Craig,

I had some experience fixing earlier Ross analog switchers...not particularly
durable or stable.  They were used primarily in high school television
set-ups, remote trucks, and other applications where cost was the overriding
concern or where the equipment was supposed to impress people more by its
presence than its performance.  In my dealings with them, I found their
service department okay, but nothing to rave about.  No surprise that Grass
Valley blew the whole outfit into the weeds with the model 100 switcher some
years back.

Nonetheless, it would be a real mistake to judge American cars today by
whatever it was they were producing 10-15 years ago, so I consider it wise to
at least have a look at Ross' CDK-104.  Although I think it would be too
bare-bones for a telecine suite (unless it was a 4:2:2 dalies room), it looks
like it would be a fine product for another application we have.

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video