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Re: Re: PMT Drift /

In reply to David Bernstein / Post Group

David wrote>>We use a black card for this purpose, shutting off all light to the
                      >>during standby periods. Is this preferable, or is there
some benefit to
                      >>allowing some light to pass?

Dear David,
I think that I agree with Bob Festa in that shutting out all of the light from
the tube is going to be not quite so effective although it is better than a
constant high load / sudden drop and " off you go" situation. I still think the
best way is to keep a constant low load on the PECs, with the scan patch
oversized on low beam setting during bookings breaks. Pogle has a "sleep mode"
which handles
most of this and I guess the Da Vinci has this as well.

I was interested in your shading comments as the ammount of error on the I/P job
I had was very
large. I must admit that I thought shading errors would be a thing of the past
once we updated to 
Golds but the last year has proved otherwise. In the same vein have you or any
other users experienced problems with phospher / burn correction "timing" on the

Seamus O'Kane
VTR Ltd London.