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    One thing I don't see people talking about that is as important as 
having a constant temperature is having proper and constant humidity
as well. Past about 65% relative humidity the dichroic filters start
doing a dance that shows as the levels drifting around. I once had to 
deal with a TK environment with no humidity control, and on a rainy 
day, the humidity was up in the high 80's. drift was from one moment to 
the next.
    Also, on temperature, don't forget that what counts is the 
temperature of the machine and component parts, not room temperature.
I have seen trouble with this, especially where the room air volume is 
low ( a small space ) and while there is enough cooling, the room 
doesn't really stay at a stable temp, nor does the TK.
    On PMT's leaving a moderate amount of light on them for lunch 
breaks, ect, is just fine. Its on thing that TAF of the flavor of the 
film your working on is good. Too much light for an extended period of 
time  ( mere hours at times ) can destroy PMT effectiveness. Also,
remeber that they don't last forever.