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RE>Ross Microswitcher

>We just got some interesting mail showing a four input component >Digita=
l Keyer=20
>Craig Nichols

This may be interesting, if the users of this group suggested a spec for =
a TK mixer then perhaps a manufacturer will build it.

I don't think the Ross unit has a simple chroma keyer, only a linear keye=
r so it is not so useful for testing bluescreen work.

A Simple keyer for TK would be great if it had....in my humble opinion...=

1/ Simple chroma keyer- to grade foregrounds over still store backgrounds=
 and to test keys.
2/ At least two inputs plus keys
3/ Full Serial control supported by daVinci DUI - this would be cool.
4/ 4:4:4 quality
5/ Extremely simple operation!!
6/ At least 50 preset memories - unlimited via  DUI control
7/ An optional add on 1u box offering defocus and xyzoom/rotate for tape =
gradingand creating the fashionable soft highlights we use Kscope for.
8/ Small footprint control panel that is not required by davinci DUI user=
9/ Very low cost!!!!!!

Any other users interested ....