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Re: Aaton keykode system

I spoke with Cliff Laidlaw a few years ago about the Aaton system he was
using at Unitel (for Star Trek and other shows), and he seemed to like it
very much for sound syncing. I worked with Arriflex on their system, and I
thought it had lots of potential.  It did not record timecode until the
camera was up to speed (I believe Aaton will).  Aaton is supposed to support
Arriflex time code as well.  I have no direct experience with Aaton, but
I've always been curious to try it.  One thing that appeals to me is, on the
units I saw, the Keycode pickups did not directly contact the film.  I have
heard that alignment can be tricky though. At one time, Aaton would install
the system and let you try it for 30 days. Perhaps they still do. We looked
at the Aaton Keycode System at Post Group, but it was expensive, and they
were already firmly entrenched with Evertz equipment.  For new installs, it
is probably similar in price to Evertz.

Craig NIchols