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Ultimatte page, holiday scenarios

I just discovered the Ultimatte webpage, it looks like a good
reference point.  Now if they could include the Ultimatte manuals and
some operating tips they'd earn a bookmark for me... their page is now
linked in the manufacturers section of the telecine page.

I want to wish everyone (323 subscribers as of today) in the internet
telecine group a fine holiday season.  I'll be away from the
workstation for a couple of weeks starting the 21st of December in
Brasil (Fortaleza and Rio), where there is net access but where one is
more likely to be listening to forro' and samba, respectively.

Last year I put the list in digest mode while I was away; this year I
don't think it's necessary, but there is a chance alegria.com could
crash, in which case it shouldn't be down more than a day or two,
as there are reboot scenarios in place.  If you send a message to the
group and find it unpropagated for a little while, have patience, it
will probably go out sooner or later.

many regards

PS. Thanks Craig, Seamus, Julien, and Jim for information on the Aaton
Keylink system.

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